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COVID-19 UPDATE: WE ARE OPEN! We offer a no-contact service if desired, just ask.



The unbelievable convenience of a full synthetic oil change in your driveway for the same price as competing shops.

Buffalo's Most Advanced


Oil Changes and Fluid refill

Ensure that your vehicle lasts as long as it should. Let us come to you while you work and take care of your maintenance.

Windshield Wipers

We stock windshield wipers in our vehicles at all times so they're available when we service your vehicle.

Multi-point inspection

Although we aren't equipped to handle services such as brakes and installing new tires, we recommend  when those types of services need to be done. We will even schedule your appointments for you on your behalf.

Tire Rotations

Your tires should be rotated on a regular basis to help maximize their life-span.

Intake Air Filters

Restricted air flow into your engine can hinder gas mileage. If we find that your filter is bad enough to cause issues, we will recommend replacement. 

Cabin Air Filters

We will never pressure you into any of our add-ons. We will simply notify you if we recommend additional services, but there will never be pressure from our technicians. 

Let Us Come To You

We work while you work.

No more trips to your mechanic for regular maintenance

Keep Your Engine Healthy

We only use high quality oil and filters and we change them for you on a regular basis to help keep your engine running longer.


Because we service multiple vehicles at a time, we can keep our costs down and pass our savings onto you.

Environmentally Friendly

Our state-of-the-art system allows us to extract oil from your vehicle without the risk of spilling.

 Proudly serving Buffalo and the Southern Tier.

We are dedicated to our customers, ensuring the highest levels of attention and customer service. Our goal is to make maintaining your vehicle as effective, consistent, and as hands-off as possible. 

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Getting in touch with us is easy. Call, email, or click here. We do our best to make sure everybody's inquiries are responded to in a timely manner.

51 Intelligent Auto Care LLC


8am - 5pm Mon-Fri

Special hours available by arrangement.